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What is MedicalGiving? is the donor-oriented division of, a non-profit organization servicing medical philanthropy worldwide. Our overall vision is that we can help and save more lives by bringing more doctors to volunteer and more donors to give. 

We seek to facilitate fundraising and reduce its significant cost through our web platform presenting a curated and extensive  list of individual medical projects,  covering a broad range of regions, disease category and modality of intervention. Because we present specific projects (and not organization-level contribution as is generally the practice),  donors have an opportunity to choose very clearly defined and accountable programs to which they identify best. 

We can make a real difference

Medical philanthropy already saves hundreds of thousand of lives and treats millions of others. Its impact is quite large, but we cannot rest. We all need to do more, as needs increase even faster than resources. Any step we can take to reduce fundraising expenses and encourage new donors to join will save lives.

National and local communities have an essential contribution to make to medical philanthropy

Medical philanthropy should leverage global resources but equally partner with the local communities in which it operates. Community members are best to identify the needs, the root causes and  implementation issues to be addressed. MedicalGiving seeks to empower these communities to play an ever increasing role in medical philanthropic decisions.

Fund raising is a necessary evil but it is an evil!

 Any time or money spent in fund raising dilutes medical philanthropy,  and discourages thrifty donors. All efforts should be made to conserve all energies towards treating or saving lives.

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