Executive Summary

MedicalGiving.org is the donor-oriented division of ProBonoDoctors.org., a non-profit organization servicing medical philanthropy worldwide. Our overall vision is that we can help and save more lives by bringing more doctors to volunteer and more donors to give. 

We seek to facilitate fundraising and reduce its significant cost through our web platform presenting a curated and extensive  list of individual medical projects,  covering a broad range of regions, disease category and modality of intervention. Because we present specific projects (and not organization-level contribution as is generally the practice),  donors have an opportunity to choose very clearly defined and accountable programs to which they identify best. 

Donors’ Benefits

1. Trusted projects

We have individually reviewed in detail each project we present. We provide detailed support for our analysis, as well as easy access to all regulatory filings.  We present only projects which we believe are trustworthy both in terms of impact and donation efficiency.

2. Very low fundraising expenses

When we select a project on our platform, we enter into a contractual agreement with the sponsoring organization, whereby all donations go to project execution and management, with no fundraising charge from them. We charge them a 5% expense-sharing commission, a significantly lower amount than typical fundraising costs of non-religious organizations. We return to them a prorated amount of any annual surplus that we have not spent.