Founder’s Letter 

Medical philanthropy is essential at a time where medical needs of underserved communities grow more rapidly than the resources allocated to the challenge. It is unfair that people “born in the wrong place” endure diseases and suffering that could be prevented with more support from the “lucky” communities. Wars, climate change, poverty, migration, substance abuse all combine and interact to create an ever growing humanitarian crisis.

A lot of generous work already seeks to address the issue but we need to do more. We need to have more doctors volunteer to help and more donors to give more. Medical philanthropy is already very large with, I estimate, at least $200 billion dollars spent worldwide every year, not counting  unpaid religious work. So any additional resources or cost savings brought into medical charity at the industry level can have a very large impact, in the billions of dollars, in the thousands of lives helped or saved.

So together with a few friends, we decided to more broadly help medical philanthropy. We created two sister-platforms aiming at bringing more resources and more efficiency into medical charity. is our platform to bring in more to doctors to volunteer. We believe that some willing doctors have not joined medical charity because a) they do not have enough time to prepare the plan necessary to attract funding, and b) they are not prepared to join NGOs and make commitments they are not sure they can meet. is a site where they can express their pro bono wishes.  If their project is accepted after review by our medical supervisory board, we prepare a business plan and post it for funding on our website, so that their patients and friends, their local and national communities, and the international community can fund and support their actions.  

MedicalGiving is our platform to help donors and non-profit organizations connect more efficiently. To help medical non-profits reduce the waste of fundraising costs, so that more energy, time and money is spent on their core mission: treating and saving people. We hope our MedicalGiving platform will facilitate donors’ choice and entice them to give more money to projects they identify most, can track in details in a trusted manner. More specifically, MedicalGiving enables donors to give to specific projects at a low cost (vs. in the dark to large non, with high fund raising costs). We negotiate with organizations that they allow project-level donations with no corporate load, so 95%+ of donations goes to the projects.  MedicalGiving is truly intended to be an Amazon-type marketplace of charitable medical projects, where donors can choose from a wide selection and donate specifically and cheaply. Win-win for donors (we attract new donors, with more visibility, more bang for their buck) and for non-profits (new funds at very low fundraising costs with no time spent).

Please join our and network.

Thank you
Bernard Lirola